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Below are the disclaimers of the Website vladimir-amsterdam.nl. For the convenience of the consumer, we have brought the diclaimers forward from the general terms and conditions (Link).

Disclaimer Website

Website Disclaimer (Artikel 19)

Content Liability
1. The content of the website vladimir-amsterdam.nl and affiliated companies has been prepared by us with the greatest care. However, we cannot accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the content.

The website vladimir-amsterdam.nl and affiliated companies can under no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect consequential damage arising from the use of this website.

The use of the content of our website is therefore entirely at the user's own responsibility.

External links
2. Our websites contain links to external third party websites (external links) for your convenience. We have no influence on the content of these external links and the respective provider or operator is responsible for the correctness of the content. We therefore offer no guarantee or liability for these external links.

Data protection
3. The use of our websites is generally possible without providing any personal data. To the extent that personal data is requested on our websites, this is done when ordering products, registering an account or subscribing to a newsletter. This concerns name, address details, etc.

This data will not be passed on to third parties without your express permission.

4. The information on this website is protected by copyright and may not be used without permission. Reproduction or display of the content or parts of the content is prohibited. We request that you contact us for permission to use the content.

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Disclaimer Trainings, Lessons and Seminars

Training-, Lessen-, Seminar Disclaimer (Artikel 20)

Pledge of Good Conduct:

1. As a participant in a training, class and/or seminar, I understand that I have the responsibility to treat the instructor(s), participants, spectators and volunteers with respect and in accordance with applicable ethics. This applies not only during the training, lesson and/or seminar itself, but also during the journey to and from the training, lesson or seminar location.

2. I am familiar with Systema. I promise to carefully follow the safety instructions of the instructor(s) and other superiors.

3. I refrain from any expression of genuine violence, aggressive or otherwise disrespectful behavior towards instructor(s), participants, spectators and volunteers.

4. I accept that failure to comply with the above-mentioned rules of conduct and promises may result in my being removed from the training, class and/or seminar and from the training, class and/or seminar locations.


5. As a participant in the seminar, training and/or lessons, I declare that I participate voluntarily and at my own request in the activities of this event.

6. I declare that I fully acknowledge that I am participating in a full contact martial art and that, as a result, combat situations will be practiced during the event involving actions such as blows, kicks, chokes, packing, joint locks, handling training weapons, applying force and use of body weight can be applied, which if incorrectly performed can lead to physical injury including permanent disability or death. Such injuries may be the result of my own actions or negligence, or the actions or negligence of others.

7. I declare that I accept all  responsibility for any such injuries caused by my own acts or omissions.

8. With regard to damage and bodily injury arising during my participation in the training, lessons and/or the seminar, I indemnify the participating instructors, participants, hosts, the associations to which they affiliate, as well as their administrators, directors and representatives, as well as other employees and volunteers of the training courses, lessons and/or the seminar and internal medical workers, both the owner, landlord and tenant of the building where the activity or event takes place from any form of legal prosecution and claim for damages.

9. The organization has the right to film, photograph, make audio and visual recordings. These photos and recordings can be used by the organization for promotional and/or commercial purposes. This means that visitors to the seminar can be seen/heard on this. Upon entering the training, lesson and/or seminar location, the visitor agrees to this without claiming compensation (in the form of money or anything else).

10. I have read the above and I voluntarily accept the terms and conditions / disclaimer, recognizing the rights I hereby give up. I am familiar with the risks and conditions that exist when I participate in the seminar and/or the training and lessons.

11. When accepting the general terms and conditions / disclaimer, I declare that I am at least 18 years old,